Day: August 29, 2020

Visit Bandung : 4 Favorite Lembang Tours for Holidays Visit

Different famous and popular tourist attractions in Bandung and surroundings are sure to be the epicenter for native tourist destinations. It is undoubtedly the exodus of out-of-town tourists, notable residents of Jakarta, and surrounding regions. They will fill all of the tourist attractions areas of the city nicknamed Paris Van Java. Perhaps you have determined […]Read More

Tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia

A holiday but money is tight? You don’t have to worry, just visit Bandung. There are lots of entertainment places that don’t have to use tickets or are totally free in this town of Bandung. Without spending money, you are already able to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and may unwind after a tiring day. Though […]Read More

How Students Engage Themselves In Online Classes?

The corona virus interrupts all our regular lives in the recent days. In order to overcome the pandemic effects, schools take the concept of Lido learning all around the world. As there is no face-face interaction and engagement in the mean time, sharing life lesions, creative ideas, funny stories, and brainstorming sessions is not possible […]Read More