3 Things You may Not Know about Breast Reduction Surgery But Should Know

Big, unmanageable breasts have now the remedy in the form of breast reduction surgery. In a breast reduction surgery, the excessive tissue and skin is cut off and the breast size is reduced.


Although this may look a straightforward procedure, it has many facets that cannot be apparent at a first glance.

Anyone who is planning to undergo breast reduction surgery should know these aspects so as to know what exactly to expect from the procedure, besides knowing about the breast reduction surgery cost in Coffs Harbour or similar place. Here they are.

1. The Surgery is the Same-day

This means that you don’t have to stay in the hospital. You go for the surgery, get the surgery done on the same day and leave on the same day, provided there are no complications.

This might be relieving for the patient because they don’t have to arrange for looking after the house or kids or pets, in their absence.

If you are a bit on the older side, you may have to do a blood test. Otherwise you’ll just have to do a urine test to confirm whether you are or aren’t pregnant.

If you reach on time and are overall healthy, everything will go as per the schedule. You may have to remove your underwear in case you need a catheter as the surgery is 4-hour long.

Then you’ll be made to rest first in the recovery room and then a hospital room. And within a couple of hours, you’ll be able to walk around and leave the hospital.

2. You may Have a Backache During Certain Activities but You’ll Get Rid of Neck Pain Forever

Yes, for example, if you do the laundry after your surgery, your back may ache. But then even those who haven’t undergone a surgery may have a backache while doing laundry.

But your backache will stem from your newly operated breasts. You may notice that the pain seems to be reminiscentto your neck and back pain after you sat in a bad posture.

But you’ll feel really relieved by not having the nagging neck pain you were used to due to your big breasts.

Now you can even wear a bikini without having to suffer from the pain that comes from the top cutting into your neck.


3. You’ll Have to Take at Least a Week Off from Work

This is something you should know so that you can make the necessary arrangements and submit your leave application on time.

If you’re fortunate enough, you may be able to work from home after your surgery.

Discuss with your bosses and take a leave for the time suggested by your surgeon, as you’ll have to stay away from mass transit.

You’ll be most probably prescribed a pain medication due to which you may feel utmost sleepy. So, it’s better toutilise the time to sleep well and help your body heal.

Knowing these facts will help you take the proper care of your body and achieve the best results.

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