5 Secrets About Air Freight From China That Nobody Will Tell You

 5 Secrets About Air Freight From China That Nobody Will Tell You

It’s no doubt that China has grown tremendously to become the world’s crucial economic and financial muscle. As a result, Chinese goods have dominated the world market, and most people are eager to import from them. So whether you are a newbie, professional, or just a consumer and want to air freight from China to USA, look no further since we got you covered.

Here are some tips to look out for when transporting your goods via air freight from China to the USA.

  1. Get to Know the Peak Season and Its Impact on Your Shipment.

Christmas, global holidays like Valentine, Golden week, and the Chinese New Year marks the peak season’s onset. During this period, e-commerce sets in, demand swells, and most of the flights are booked. As a result, the freight prices spike, and it even becomes impossible to import in case you hadn’t prepared early enough.

Experts advise to ship during the off-peak, but should you be caught between the peak season due to crucial issues; you should consider a list of things.

  • Please communicate with your shipping agents the most urgent goods and clarify to them the good’s priority. This way, the demanded goods will get to the market on time.
  • Its peak season and the supplies are also low with booming demands, and the containers are also scarce. You might want to split your shipments to get the quantity you wish to and within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Make a rapport with your loyal and trusted freight forwarders. You will rely on them when the time comes!
  • Monitor the flight indexes
  • Parcels or Pallets?

Are you torn between deciding the packaging mode in which your goods should be transported? You see, there are many transport strains, and you want to use a method that will withstand the pressures. Therefore, it goes down to the type of good you want to ship, the weight, and the number.

Parcels are prone to higher risks considering you are shipping from China, but they also cut on the pallets’ cost. Regarding the shipping’s fastness, you may not need the warehouse costs that come with parcels. Pallets, on the other hand, ensure the safety of the goods, and you can ship multiple goods at the same time. This method, however, raises the freight costs.

Speaking to your freight forwarder to place your parcels in the pallets can also be a wise decision in case they are that fragile.

  • How to Handle the Inland Haulage InChina?

The line between peak and off-peak in China’s large cities becomes thin due to congestion and high activities. As a result, the transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the airport can be a daunting task. As an entrepreneur, you want to avoid the delay and the cost as well. This is the time to engage your anticipatory skills and sticks to the cut-off date to meet the flight schedule and your goods checked on time.

Another option is to choose the Forwarders that keep warehouses close to the airports.

  • Export Licencing and Custom’s Procedures

For the goods to be cleared through Chinese customs, the shipper must have an export license. If you are exporting the goods on EX Works and the shipper lacks the license, you will be charged for the export license.

On the other hand, the costs may vary depending on the trading terms when you are using a Customs Clearance Handbook. However, the customs clearance handbook tends to be a costly option in case you wish to use it.

  •  What is Free on Board (FOB) And Ex Works (EXW)?

FOB and EXW are some of the terms that you must be equipped with since you are importing. So, what do they mean?

  • Free On Board (FOB) is an indication pointing to which party is undertaking the transport charges. It is also the point at which the seller transfers the goods’ ownership rights to the buyer. Importing from China tends to be advantageous as the local costs tend to be cheaper.
  • Ex Works (EXW), on the other hand, depicts the seller’s lowest obligation and the buyer’s duty in carrying out all the tasks as far as export and import clearance are concerned. The EXW also involves carriages and insurance costs, with the buyer given more control than the seller. However, it is essential to note that the buyer is still obligated to pay the export costs.

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