Best websites to Watch and Download Movies

 Best websites to Watch and Download Movies

Who doesn’t love movies? But, what if I say that now you can watch and download movies without paying any money?

Isn’t it interesting? Yes, you herald it right. You can get access to the best quality movies without paying any money. In this article, we have come up with a list of 10 best websites that can help you to watch and download movies that are too free of cost. All websites and platforms provided in this list are legal websites, and thus, you don’t have to worry about piracy and illegal movie watching experience. To know more about best movie streaming websites, you can check the platform situs film online.

The internet archive

Just as the name suggests, the internet archive offers an archive of the best movies that you can watch as well as download. The Internet Archive can be called a goldmine of movies from all around the world. The list of movies included in this platform ranges from the old classics to the newly released movies. About 4-5 years back, this platform used to provide direct links of movies with bigger file sizes. If you want to watch movies as well as download them, all you need to do is to visit the Internet archive. If you want to enjoy hundreds of movies without spending a single penny, the best way can be to check the platform internet archive.

Watch TCM

This is another major website that offers numerous movie watching experiences. You can watch lots of movies released by different studios from all over the world by going through this platform. TCM features the list of best movie collections, and you will get to enjoy your favourite movies without paying any money if you use this platform.


Hotstar is another major platform that is in buzz these days. The best part about Hotstar is that you can get access to Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies at this platform. Today the movie streaming websites are focussing on a large number of Indian audiences, and Hotstar is one of those best platforms that helps Indian audiences to get best quality entertainment without spending a single penny. If you are a movie fan as well as a cricket fan, you can easily watch live streaming of cricket at this platform.

The Korean Film Archive

Today people all over the world love Korean movies and TV shows. After the huge popularity of K-POP music, people have got a huge interest in different Korean movies. If you are a Korean movie fan, you will find this platform to be one of the best streaming sites. If you love watching foreign language movies, nothing can be better than watching movies at the Korean Film archive.

We hope this list of the best streaming websites will help you to get movies as per your taste and preference. So, choose any of these websites and let us know which one of these websites offers you the best option to watch unlimited movies.

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