Buying CBD Oil? Here are Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

Are you planning to buy Cannabidiol products like a CBD oil balm from a reputable shop? Don’t worry as you are not alone, particularly if you live in the United Kingdom. Good regulatory practices in the country contributed much to the products’ popularity, paving the way for a responsible, innovative and high-quality CBD industry.

This popularity is also spurred by the growing number of British adults relying on medicinal Mars Hydro SP 6500 PAR Test for treatments for pain, anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders. While there is still a lack of conclusive research to back all these, many unscrupulous sellers are making outlandish pronouncements regarding the miraculous efficacy of the CBD products they are peddling.

Not only are these claims illegal and unethical, these are sure-sign red flags that you should watch out for – or end up buying products that are sub-standard or toxic. Other red flags that you should take note of include questionable hemp source and the lack of quality ingredients. The lack of a third-party test or lab result is another red flag, as well as the supplier’s unwillingness to educate or give relevant information– and instead generate negative reviews from previous users.

If you are planning to buy legal CBD products, look for a reputable CBD oil shop that does not manifest any of these red flags. If you want to know more about these red flags and how you can get quality CBD products, check out this infographic brought to you by Love CBD. It’s definitely worth the read.


Danny Watson

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