Can Laminate Flooring be Installed Over Hardwood Floors?

 Can Laminate Flooring be Installed Over Hardwood Floors?

While hardwood floors give a certain class and dignity to the appearance of your house, it is very hard to replace them if and when they get damaged. Sometimes even the installation of the floors is not very proper. At those times when there is just a little something wrong with your hardwood floors and you do not want to go through the entire process of installation of hardwood floors again, then what do you do? The solution is so simple that it might surprise you that you even pondered over this question. You can just install laminate flooring over the hardwood floor. But really? Can you do that? Well, let’s see.

Can laminate floors be installed over hardwood floors?

Laminate floors have recently gained popularity as a very suitable alternate choice to hardwood floors. If your hardwood flooring has suffered some slight damage, you can just install laminate flooring over the portion. You would not even have to make many changes there. It would also be way cheaper than installing a new hardwood floor altogether. You can use wood laminate flooring for such purposes. This would further decrease the chances to spot a distinction between the hardwood sorting and the part with the laminated flooring. 

Would the hardwood flooring need to be removed?

No, the hardwood flooring would not have to be removed. You can just install the laminated flooring over the hardwood floor. However, make sure that the laminate flooring has easy and ground to be installed upon. If for instance, your hardwood floor is wavy in certain portions of the house, make sure to flatten them first. This is also something that you must check out before installing your hardwood floor even. The underlayment below the flooring must be even and smooth.

You can search for vinyl flooring near me and seek their guidance in the process of installation of laminate flooring over the hardwood flooring. You can search for the services that you can opt for, that have good reviews, over the Internet. You could also consult friends if you feel like it.

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