Finding the right customs broker: A quick guide for importers!

 Finding the right customs broker: A quick guide for importers!

If you want to start an importing business, it’s paramount to understand the rules, regulations, international trade agreements, and compliance needs. All duties, taxes, and fees must be paid to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other agencies as applicable, and expectedly, the whole process can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Most commercial importers, thereby, prefer working with a customs broker like to get work done. For the uninitiated, customs brokers are licensed and regulated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and while hiring one is not mandatory by law, importers prefer to get expertise for their business. 

In this post, we are reviewing more on how to select the right customs broker. 

  1. Communication is key. When you have regular shipments coming into the US from different channels, you cannot expect to wait for help. For your supply chain to work effectively, you need a customs broker who is accessible and is around to offer help. Find a customs brokerage service that’s transparent with communication. 
  2. Compliance, customs consulting, and immediate advice. As importing is a part of your core business operations, you need a customs broker who is quick and can ensure compliance by completing formalities as early as possible. The turnaround time is something worth considering, and many customs brokers actually rely on their proprietary software to automate regular tasks. 
  3. Easy start. Many customs brokers work with clients to activate their account immediately within minutes. Documents can be uploaded immediately, and customers can get assistance for shipments via live chat. Ask the broker as how they handle online customs clearance. 

Other things that matter

The role of a customs broker goes beyond customs clearance of goods. They often work as the extended arm of importers and exporters, and they do what it takes to help clients in expanding their operations. The biggest reason to hire a customs broker to is understand compliance matters and international trade agreements that change frequently and can be hard to keep a track of. When you look for customs brokers, check if they have experience in your industry, if they can help in expansions and exploring new markets, and if they are accessible for consulting around the clock. 

Final word

A customs broker is your trusted partner for simplified importing in the US. Just make sure that you select one with experience, and don’t shy away from asking questions related to customs and their work process. 

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