Look for the Best Options for the Perfect Garden Buildings

 Look for the Best Options for the Perfect Garden Buildings

The material of choice for the floor is wood, however it can be PVC or polypropylene on PVC and resin garden sheds. It can be purchased separately and dispense with making a slab. Otherwise, the floor resting on a concrete slab provides additional insulation and protection, in particular against wet rising. It can also be covered with parquet or any other floor covering for a better finish and more comfort (the installation of an underlay between the covering and the floor improves the insulation).  Applying a waterproofing film preserves capillary rise.

Joinery: door and windows

Secondly, the destination of the chalet or garden shed and what will be stored there will determine what type of opening you need and their dimensions. You can Check this site for the best choice.

The choice of window

For storage, windows are unnecessary because wall space is more important. You choose a garden shed with a window if:

  • You need a skylight and you cannot install outdoor lighting.
  • The garden shed is considered as an annex living room and / or workshop.

The window configuration can be:

  • Fixed and be seen as a contribution of light
  • Open able, recommended if the chalet is used as a workshop (dust evacuation) or compulsory if living room
  • Single or double and small or large area / opening
  • Hinged where a clearance is necessary or sliding to optimize space
  • Garden sheds for storing tools and furniture often have fixed acrylic openings, not glass

To accommodate your guests for a weekend with friends, look at the models of garden sheds and chalets of more than 20 m2 with double-glazed windows and a thick structure, more comfort in all seasons.

The choice of the door

  • If you store bulky equipment, opt for a double door. The riding mower does not go through a single door, for example.
  • Also consider that a sliding door can save you space and not get knocked down if your land is slightly sloping.
  • A swing door requires clearance to open and slams open in the wind.
  • The door can integrate a glazing and be equipped with a handle of various finishing and relative to the quality of the garden shed.
  • Think about the lock, not all garden sheds have a locking system.

Materials for garden sheds

Wooden garden shed

Wood remains the most common material for chalets and other garden huts because its natural and warm side gives it an appreciated aestheticism. For use for several months a year or even all year round (seedlings, bedroom for guests, playroom for children, office), solid wood garden sheds are more easily convertible or even habitable because their insulating properties favor them.

In general, prefer thick walls which guarantee the stability of the chalet as well as its durability. The diversity of the choice of wooden models is very important, allowing all styles: sloping roof, flat roof, rounded roof to give you the impression of having a garden shed or a chalet different from that of the neighbor. The major disadvantage of wood is that it requires more or less frequent maintenance. The vast majority of wooden garden sheds are made of pine, fir or even Douglas-fir. If stain and  paint  you have to wear, prefer the wooden garden sheds autoclave which is rot and insect resistant or wooden chalets THT (wood treated at high temperature and injected with water vapor) rot-proof and hyper resistant. Some wooden shelters are delivered painted.

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