Rhetorical Devices — And How to Use Them

 Rhetorical Devices — And How to Use Them

Rhetorical techniques, such as the use of images, comparisons, metaphors, repetitions, allegories, and others, allow you to fully reveal the topic of your speech or essay. It makes your content more understandable and interesting for the audience or readers. There are quite a few such techniques, but not all of them are often and actively used.

Comparison and Metaphor

Comparison is one of the main methods, used so often that many do not even think of it as some kind of special figure of writing. This technique allows you to visualize the abstract, which is especially useful when it is necessary to convey numerical information to the reader. For example, if you tell someone that one of the largest stars in the Universe, VY Canis Major, has a diameter of two billion kilometers, it is unlikely that an ordinary person will be able to imagine how much it is. It is quite another matter if we compare this value with something understandable and known to everyone. For example, this can be Mount Everest. 

Rhetorical Questions

A rhetorical question is a question the answer to which is known in advance or is given by the person who asked it. This phrase should be used only when the reader fully shares the opinion of the writer, otherwise the effect will only be negative.


It is an expression of an abstract concept through a specific image. For example, in the animal topic, the lamb is the personification of meekness, the ant is diligence, the donkey is about stubbornness, etc. In rhetoric, allegory is a rather complex technique that requires skill and good preparation from the writer. Also, it is essential to choose it depending on the topics you write about. Otherwise, the reader may not understand it and it will have a negative effect.

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