Roulette Betting And The Payout Table

 Roulette Betting And The Payout Table

Before starting to play roulette online, we must know what types of bets and payouts exist in roulette. Next, we will be able to discover all of them so that you can choose more clearly your type of bets: single, multiple or advanced.

Simple Bets

The single bets or simple is the easiest to understand as a token half of the table numbers covered. The odds of winning are not 50-50 (it is 48.6%) because there is 0 and 00, depending on the roulette you play, European or American. In all of them, their payment is 1 to 1. There are several types of simple bets you can place with free Spins No Deposit.


On the roulette mat, we can bet on red or black since 18 roulette numbers are red and another 18 are black. The remainder, 0, is green and does not enter this bet. You have to leave the chip in the RED or BLACK mat section to bet on the colour. If we bet $ 5 on red and win, we will take another $ 5, having a 1 to 1 payment.

Odd Couple

As with red/black, roulette has 18 odd and 18 odd numbers. To bet on any of them, we only have to deposit the chip in the indicated mat section. 0 and 00 do not enter this bet either. The payout is also 1 to 1, and if we bet $ 10, we can win another $ 10.


The betting pass / missing cover half the board in correlative numbers. Thus, we can bet onĀ  foul and cover from 19 to 36 or it passes by covering from 1 to 18. If the winning number is in the half you have bet on, you win. Of course, 0 and double 00 are excluded from this bet, and if the ball falls in that box, one rule or another will apply depending on the roulette.

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