The Best Guide to Purchase the Perfect Vanity for your Bathroom

 The Best Guide to Purchase the Perfect Vanity for your Bathroom

Whether you have a conventional or modern taste, a bathroom vanity is a stylish and helpful addition to your home. You can find a wide variety of styles and sizes of vanities on the market that express your style while offering functionality. If you are looking to invest in new bathroom vanity, keep reading to know your choices:

Kinds of Bathroom Vanities

Depending on your bathroom’s size and shape, you can pick from a single sink, double sink, corner, or wall-hung vanity. Your choice depends on the amount of space and storage you have as well as the right aesthetic for you. If you have a bigger space, you can experiment with extravagant double bathroom vanities that can transform an entire space. If you buy single bathroom vanities, make sure they are functional.  Kitchen Wholesalers bathroom vanities are some of the best choices you can find on the market.

Which Style is For You?

Your choice of vanity style depends on your personal taste. But, remember that the vanity must fit in the rest of your decor. That is why you must take a look at the rest of your bathroom fixtures and accessories to get a sense of what would fit in.

Conventional bathroom vanities have classic lines and decorative trimming. They tend to be warm and welcoming as well as showcase a sophisticated look. They are often made with dark woods such as mahogany or oak, along with polished and sculpted materials. On the other hand, modern bathroom vanities feature smooth and sleek lines as well as striking design. They often have monochromatic colours.

Choosing a Vanity Sink

Your chosen sink will significantly affect the vanity’s overall look. Cons die how the sink will usually be used and how often. Pick from self-rimming, vessel, and undermount sinks. You can also choose from a variety of materials for a vanity to, including concrete, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. The tops are available with pre-cut holes to fit various vanity styles, so be carefully when shopping for a vanity top. Consider the kind of sink you will be pairing the top with.

Considering Function and Storage

The bathroom vanity’s size and function will depend on the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom has more space, you can find a bigger vanity, which will offer you more storage space. For a smaller bathroom, you want a vanity that has as much storage as possible without taking up plenty of bathroom space.

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