Time to choose your business card

 Time to choose your business card

With the whole globe gone digital, it has become very important to promote your business strategically and carefully, for you never know from where you might get your client? And you may not want to give a cheap and low first impression on your potential client, don’t you? And do you know one of the most neglected pieces of marketing your business is a business card? The problem with people is that they have started to think of it as a waste. But, the reality is quite the opposite of that.

Why business cards a brilliant marketing piece?

A business card may seem like the smallest business marketing piece but it is considered one of the most tried and tested marketing strategies. They have been in tradition for a long time now. Almost every person who owns a business, no matter how big or small it is, uses business cards to popularize their business even more.

A brilliant example of this is how big conglomerating such as Amazon and Flipkart use business cards as a business strategy. Have you ever thought why these companies send bookmarks with books, having their company’s logo on it? These bookmarks are also a type of business card and help in popularizing business even further. Choose the right strong business cards to promote your venture.

Choose whatever you like!

There are basically three types of business cards:

  • The first and very basic types of business cards are the horizontal ones. These have been in use since the time business cards are in use. Most businesses use horizontal business cards. The size of a basic horizontal business card is 3.5”x2” inches, though customization can be done as per the requirements.
  • The second type of business card is vertical business cards which have become quite popular in recent years. The standard size of a vertical card is the same as the horizontal ones but again customization is available. Vertical cards are more useful since they help you stand out from the bunch of horizontal ones. So you like to reflect a little unconventional approach to your customers you can go for vertical business cards. You can check an assortment of handy man cards that are available over the net.
  • The third type of business card is customized business cards.  These cards can be of any shape and size, from a cake to a balloon; these could be of any shape and could be coupled with catchy themes and templates. These work as an eye candy to your client or customer who is tired of seeing only horizontal or at most vertical business cards.

Thus, we can now say that business cards can become a source of our success if we use them with perfect strategy. 

Paul Petersen

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