What are Lash Extension Refills and When Should You Get Them?

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you may be a little confused about refills, regarding what they are and when they should be done.

When you get your lash extensions applied, your lash technician will advise you about the upkeep and care of your natural lashes and extensions.

These instructions also include guidance about when refills should be done and when to have a full set.


Let’s see what refills are and when you should have them.

Extensions will Fall Out with Your Lashes’ Natural Growth Cycle

Just like your hair on head, your lashes too undergo a growth cycle at the end of which they fall. While falling they take extensions with them.

This is quite natural and you should not worry about this. You should just get the refills done at the recommended period so that your lashes look the best.

Refills are the extensions applied to the fallen out lashes to fill the gaps.

Refills are for Maintenance

As you may think of them wrongly, refills are not a replacement of regular substitute of a full set, but they are made for maintenance purpose.

A fixed number of refills are applied in a procedure and 50% of the lash quantity of a full set will be added. Because of this, refills cost less than full sets.

As long as you carefully follow the timing rules between a full set and a refill appointment, you should have your lashes anywhere between 70 and 100%+ dense compared to a full set just after the session.

For effective eyelash extensions in Sydney or anywhere in the world, it’s recommended to apply refills within three weeks of the initial full set.

A full set will offer better value for money outside of this 3-week period.

Goals of Refills

There are mainly four goals of refills:

  1. Keep eyelash extensions neat, tidy and clean while they are still on your eyes
  2. Remove the eyelashes that are about to drop down because of the natural growth cycle
  3. Remove any lash extensions the bonds of which have been weakened
  4. Rectify any noticeable gaps between natural lashes and lash extensions


Three Things to Consider in Case of Problems

Several ladies wonder almost every day why their lashes fall off quickly or they feel that their lashes are not as thick as they’d like them.

If you too think the same way, here are three things you should consider.

  1. Firstly you should think if it’s your natural lash growth cycle.

Your lash growth cycle might have ended and your lashes are falling out to make room for the new ones, and they will naturally take the extensions with them.

This phenomenon can neither be controlled by you nor by your lash technician. It is just one of the many processes going on in any human body.

  1. Secondly you should ask yourself how long you’ve been wearing these extensions. If you’re wearing them for three or more weeks, the adhesive might have weakened which is absolutely normal.
  2. Thirdly, you should consider whether you’ve maintained the suggested refill/full set cycle.

Experts suggest that you should apply refill within three weeks of your full set and there should be only one refill between full sets in order to achieve the best results.

If you’re considering to have 3d eyelash extensions in Sydney at Fancy Lash for example, you should remember all the above things so that you can keep the right expectations and get the best results.

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