What Are The Double Results Concession Rules in Sportnation Regarding Horse Racing?

 What Are The Double Results Concession Rules in Sportnation Regarding Horse Racing?

The amazing rules of Sportnation are the reason behind high traffic and global popularity. You can’t enjoy a game until it gives you goosebumps. All gambling games including horse racing, have great betting odds, available in Sportnation. But using those odds with the proper combination of rules is unique. And Sportnation never misses an opportunity to entertain its customers. ” The Double Results Concession Rule” is a reflection of it. Let’s know more about it.

What is ‘First Past The Post?

It is a signified word which declares the winner. When a horse takes its steps first in the finishing line, then that horse is declared as the winner. The authority pays for the winning bets. Now, the interesting point is, if there is any disqualification that appears after giving an award or prize, the winner at the ‘ First Past the Post will be awarded.

What are Double Results Concession Rules?

The double results concession represents two rules regarding winning. These are-

  1. The first one is First Past the Post. Which simply declares the winner and gives him the prize. Though there are some exceptions.
  2. The second one is, announcing the official winning statement. The Steward’s decision and inquiry are settled on the match. If they find any disturbance, they take the necessary steps according to their rules.

Because of having two results on the same match, this rule is being called Double Results Concession Rules.

What are The Exceptions in First Past the Post?

It is announced that the results according to First Past The Post will be considered for deciding the winner. But there are exceptional cases where this rule is not going to work. Those exceptions are given below.

  • First Past The Post rules will be obeyed under the matches of the UK and Ireland only. The matches except these countries are not going to be considered under this rule.
  • The prize will be given only to those who are under Ante Post and Non-Runner No Bet.
  • Every betting option will be counted like forecast, tricast, place only, betting without favourite, match betting, and so on. The only racecard won’t be acceptable.
  • All horse races will be counted as First Past The Post only if those applicable under the EW rules and regulations.
  • Some other factors will also be considered as exceptions. Like the jockey has fallen from the horse, if there are any misjudgments by the judges and so on.

Sportnation’s double results concession rule has lots of exceptions as you can see. But apart from these, the horse race has the best odds to place bets. ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’, Each Way, Dead Heats, Ante-Post, and other offers are the reasons behind too much traffic on this site. Though only gamblers from the UK and Ireland are allowed to place bets here other matches of other countries have the same types of thrilling moments in it.

Be a member of Sportnation.bet and take full fun of Horse Racing Betting. Go through the guidelines properly and make your winning strategy to claim the prize.

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