Why It Is Essential To Have Third Trimester Ultrasound?

 Why It Is Essential To Have Third Trimester Ultrasound?

The wait is going to be unbearable, right? Yes, you will be going to have your little bundle of joy within a few months. Most of the doctors are asking the women to go for the pregnancy ultrasound in the third trimester.

You have to know about the fact that an ultrasound scan will be sending the sound waves with high-frequency to the uterus in the time of pregnancy. It is done for the purpose of capturing the fetus’s image. These images have the capacity to reveal the body’s development phases. 

Third Trimester Ultrasound 

The ultrasound scan taken in the first and second trimesters is shown the result, which is almost similar. With the help of the sonographer, the image of your baby will appear on the scan. It shows different assessments such as the shape of the head and the abdomen of the baby and more. Here are some of the reasons why you should involve in 3 months pregnant ultrasound, and they are as follows –

  • To ensure that your baby can able to move their legs and hand. You can able to know the baby looks healthy or not.
  • To know the growth of your baby, whether it is growing too big or too small. 
  • To check for the multiple deliveries, i.e., twins or triplets. You are suggested by the doctor for an earlier delivery date if there is a difference in the size of babies. 
  • To ensure that the position of the baby is suitable for delivery or not. According to the position, the doctor may suggest some solution for it.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are many reasons you need to take an ultrasound scan in the third month. You do not get any side effects or radiation while doing this. But make sure to choose the expert doctor for taking this procedure, and you should follow all the medical procedures directed by your doctor. 


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