4 Tips for Stealth Weed Cultivation

 4 Tips for Stealth Weed Cultivation

For most people growing cannabis, indoors cultivation is the most preferred option. This is because of the security and discretion that comes with the privacy of your home. It also allows total control over the growing conditions. It is believed that cannabis buds grown indoors are likely to be more, appealing to the eye. However, there is an abundance of benefits to outdoor growing as well if you have ready spaces available. 

Getting the best cannabis seeds is critical if you would like to produce great results. The notion that growing weed indoors produces a lower quality of weed is nothing but a myth. If you provide space to grow, dry, and cure discretely, then you will be good to go. However, you can still practice stealth cultivation outdoors. Some of the things you need to know when growing weeds outdoors include: 

Keep them out of sight and smell

This is one of the simpler measures that you can put in place. Avoid planting your weed near places where casual onlookers or passers may see or smell it. Basically, avoid spaces near footpaths, fences and other highly-populated areas. Additionally, it is important to find the right pot seeds for sale that are good for your stealth cultivation. There are some weed strains that are not necessary known for their ‘peaceful’ scent. As you pick out the weed seeds, it is critical to choose strains that are not pungent. This way you will avoid unnecessary visit to your house or attracting attention to weed spot. A strain like the Afghan kush is not only potent in smell when it is burning but also as it is growing particularly during the harvest period. 

Create a camouflage

Keeping your plants away from the sight of onlookers and passersby is but step one of keeping your plants safe. The other measure that you need to put in place once you have gotten weed seeds is camouflaging them so that if someone is on your farm or even property, has no reason to suspect you are growing weed. You can put into consideration planting your cannabis in a decorative planter or even a container that makes it grow in non-typical growth patterns. Once you have done this, you can pair them with some flowers in empty pots that help form an illusion that you are just but a gardener. You might also consider planting your weed in the middle of an area that naturally has a lot of trees and other types of vegetation. 

Do not tell anyone

If you want to be raided by overzealous law enforcement, tell just one person you are cultivating cannabis. It is important to remember that though getting pot seeds for sale is easy, it is your duty to keep mum about growing your weed. The best thing you can do is not to tell anyone where you grow your weed or even if you grow weed at all. You might trust your friends, but they may not have a hard time ratting you out or even telling other people. 

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