First Aid for common injuries: burns and nosebleeds

 First Aid for common injuries: burns and nosebleeds

Most people panic when injuries occur. They don’t know how to behave and what to do first. Moreover, chaotic actions may cause more serious problems. For the individuals who take Erste Hilfe Kurs München it’s not a dilemma. They have practiced how to apply techniques for common injuries. So healthcare details given in großer erste hilfe kurs München are helpful and needed.

Recognizing the type of burn

To provide proper health care techniques and treatment instructions, you have to get acquainted with the type of burn: 

  • First-degree (red swollen skin, it doesn’t apply to medical care)
  • Second-degree (red swollen and painful skin, it usually applies to medical attention)
  • Third-degree (rather painful injured area, it often turns white, medical care is of high importance)

When first and second-degree burns occur, clean it with cool water. In case the burn is large (located on the face) cover the injured area with a wet towel or any other cloths. Mind, don’t touch the appearing blisters. Some ointment may be applied to reduce swelling and pain. Third-degree burns are very serious. It’s better not to apply any actions with removing clothes or applying any medications. It may cause infection so call for help right away.

First Aid for nosebleeds

Staying calm when somebody is having nosebleeds is important, especially when your child has this medical issue. In that case, it may look scary and you may panic. Mind, nosebleeds are rarely serious, so stopping them is an essential part of first aid. Keep the injured person standing straight with the head tilted forward. Then ask the person to pinch his nose for ten minutes. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, call for specialty help. Don’t lay the individual on the back or put any tissues in the nose to resist bleeding. It won’t be helpful.

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