Future Careers in Information Technology

 Future Careers in Information Technology

The one surprising effect of the pandemic-driven lockdown was not that the economy would recover: the real surprise is how the information technology field has almost experienced a boom rather than a bust during the pandemic. Though there were initial job losses, Information technology has now become the driver of growth for most organizations after the pandemic. This is a direct result of the world—both consumers and businesses—having been forced to move online during the worldwide lockdown. It is no surprise that the rush for B Tech in IT Courses Gwalior has also grown.

IT Growth Predicted

The Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum has identified the growth areas in which greater jobs will be created in the future. According to this report, the Digital Economy has undergone phenomenal growth and that new technologies are now becoming important in the post-pandemic world and into the future. This places present and future graduates from B Tech in Information Technology colleges in an enviable position; they are perfectly poised to take advantage of the ongoing and future boom in the worldwide economy. The skills taught in B Tech in IT Courses Gwalior will be valuable assets.

The growth in the Information Technology market will be centred around the following key areas, based on the emerging technologies which will be adopted by companies in the next few years, as per the Future Jobs report:

  • Cloud Computing: Most companies—up to ninety percent—are expected to invest heavily in this area in the coming years, making it the sector with the most confirmed jobs in the coming years, and therefore ideal for graduates from B Tech in Information Technology colleges. This, along with big data analytics will remain the specializations most in demand in the near future, providing the greatest career opportunities for B Tech graduates in the coming years.
  • Data Encryption and Cybersecurity: This area is expected to see a huge leap over the next few years, with about 85 percent companies investing in this area, compared to only about 50 percent right now. This means that this area of expertise will see a 70 percent growth in the next few years, making it the fastest expanding sector in Information Technology.
  • Other areas that are poised to demonstrate good rates of growth over the next few years are robotics, industrial automation and drones, connected devices, and of course 3D printing and modelling. In general, AI—in various permutations and avatars—remains a rich field of enterprise for young graduates with B Tech in IT Courses Gwalior and other locations in MP and India.

Surefire Success in B Tech

With the starting salaries for graduates from B Tech in Information Technology colleges already between 3 and 7 lakh per annum, the projected boom in the IT sector over the next few years is sure to boost the earning of freshers who join the industry in the next few years. B.Tech seems to be the way to go for young IT aspirants.

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