B1 English Speaking and Listening Test Phase 2

 B1 English Speaking and Listening Test Phase 2

First, before you get to know information about phase 2, you should know the information about phase 1. So in phase 2, you will get only 5 minutes. Do not think that you may get an extra one more minute because there are other people also who will give the same test. You have to go to a specific centre to give the test. The centre will be decided by the company or site, from where you have applied for this type of test. A good advantage of the site is that you can select the date of the test you want. And you can even postpone it. You have to communicate with the site and fix your date which you want.

You can apply for this test by the help of the site. And also you can go directly to the embassy where these type of things are done. People mostly prefer online site one because the online site will give you discounts and also give convenience for the users. You have to visit the site. And fill the form online and submit to the site. The site will give you the details about the B1 English test. You have to prepare and come in the specific date and the centre. Do not worry if you also fail you can give the test again because not everyone can pass in the exam on the first attempt. So until you get a good score, it is upto you. You want to give the test again or not.

Can We Give the Test Again

By chance, if you are failed or have not got good marks. You can still give. But you have to wait for some time to give the exam again. The company will let you know when you want to give the test again. In that period, you can improve your English language. So that when you give the test. You will get good marks. And you will also get the visa of the country because you have the certificate of the English language.

Phase 2

In this test, you have to have a conversation with the examiner. But the new thing is that you have to talk about two given topics, not any other things. In the first phase, the topic was selected by you, and it was one only. But here, in phase 2, there will be two topics. And you cannot select the topic. The examiner itself will select the topic. So before the exam, you will get the list of many topics. You should know the basic information about it. Suppose you answer basic also no problem. But answer correctly. And one more thing is that do not give answers only in just one word. Suppose you can extend the answer little more. It is good for you only. So prepare well for the test and answer fluently. Don’t get scared of the examiner. He or she is just a normal person like you who will ask you questions regarding your topic, that’s all.

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