How Students Engage Themselves In Online Classes?

 How Students Engage Themselves In Online Classes?

The corona virus interrupts all our regular lives in the recent days. In order to overcome the pandemic effects, schools take the concept of Lido learning all around the world. As there is no face-face interaction and engagement in the mean time, sharing life lesions, creative ideas, funny stories, and brainstorming sessions is not possible inside the classroom. We are in a situation where everyone needs to stay at home safely. That is why teachers are continuously working hard to make learning fun, imperative, and effective through online classes.

Evolution to online mode:

To help in promoting social distancing because of unexpected pandemic, most of the schools have taken an effort and close their doors to avoid the spreading of virus. But, being switched to online learning is really challengeable for everyone.

As a part of motivating the online classes, teachers assure joy and humour while interacting with students through video conferencing. This transition to online mode is the result of collaborative effort made by the school management, students, parents, and teachers. To make this collaboration become successful, meticulous planning, trust on online resources, student’s involvement, and frequent teacher-parent interface are required.

Impact of virtual classes:

As there is no chance to have direct human interaction, online classes are the best transition from the traditional classes. These virtual classes assure to give self-discipline and motivation compared to conventional classes. The entire learning system gets a new edge due to the video interaction. It helps students to explore many more learning platforms, which they ever tried before. Though the lockdown situation is quite boring, attending online classes gives students a type of relaxation that comes with the home comfort. This reflects a positive increase in their attendance.

Online learning with schooling background:

Higher class students look for self-sufficiency and intellectual freedom. This is where online learning comes handy and helps students pursue their individualized study programs. With real-world exploration, hands-on exercises, and detailed assessments, students can enhance their learning as easily as possible. This online orientation lets students concentrate on studying with no personal distraction. It is important for students to develop skill sets not only based on their academic syllabus but from the extra-curricular and peer activities too. So, an effort is made to implant all the facets of Lido learning online, which engage students in this crisis time.


Students can make use of this excellent opportunity to explore creativity, study novel skills, play interactive indoor games, read e-books, and keep yourself safe without leaving your home.

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