Tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia

 Tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia

A holiday but money is tight? You don’t have to worry, just visit Bandung. There are lots of entertainment places that don’t have to use tickets or are totally free in this town of Bandung. Without spending money, you are already able to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and may unwind after a tiring day. Though it’s just a holiday that may be stated to be quite straightforward, at least you could be refreshing and not too late.

For those who want to walk without having to spend a great deal of money, maybe some free tourist attractions in Bandung could be a recommendation. What about whatever? Come on, see the complete review below.

Free Tourist Attractions in Bandung That Should Be Visited

  1. Photography Park

For all those who like hunting good photos, this place is highly suggested to visit. This free tourist attraction in Bandung is among those places where photography lovers hang out and capture photos.

You can meet and share exchange ideas. This park has been created by the mayor of Bandung as a location to channel talent.

You could also hang out appreciating the beauty of this park or while getting to know members of the photographer community at the city of Kembang.

  1. Film Park

This park is excellent for those who enjoy watching movies. There’s no need to pay for tickets to see the movies. Just come to the Film Park beneath the Pasupati Bridge.

Inside this location, there is a screen available to see. You don’t need to be concerned about where to sit, because this place is equipped with synthetic grass and benches that can load a lot of folks.

This park does have a notion as an open area. The decor itself is adorned; therefore, it will look attractive at night. This park performs with various types of movies every day. Which range from films, for example, Bandung films, nationwide movies, to films from Hollywood Korea, and reside soccer.

  1. Taman Alun Alun

If you would like to unwind, try to visit the garden. This park is located before the Grand Mosque, and the location itself is covered with grass, which you may utilize to lie down or sit around. This place is always crowded with people, particularly people who also bring their families. This place is one of the kids’ tourist attractions in Bandung, which is convenient to see.

The tiny one may run around freely. We can sit and relax while watching the children play. It’s much better to prepare a bag to store your shoes because you aren’t permitted to use footwear when stepping onto this faux grass. Because there’ll be many vendors selling visitors bags, but if you don’t happen to take it, do not worry.

  1. City Hall

Other free amusement areas are Bandung City Hall Park. This playground is used as a gathering place for various communities in town.

From communities who are practicing or collecting, you’ll be treated to opinions on weekends. Like in Korea and tourist attractions that are overseas, here is also.

Not there, there are several other things which make this area much more attractive. There is a park. You attempt to play here and may exclaim.

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