How to Style a Short Pleated Skirt

 How to Style a Short Pleated Skirt

Have you ever heard about short pleated skirts? Have you ever tried that outfit? What is a short pleated skirt? What should you wear with this skirt? Well, these questions are quite reasonable. This is because a short pleated skirt didn’t receive much recognition in its initial days. But, now, the wings are becoming more widespread. You would find models and actresses wearing this skirt on their shows or promotions. The scope with this attire is quite large. You can try various looks with this skirt by adding other accessories. Now, let’s take a more in-depth view of a short pleated skirt.

A short skirt is a trendy attire now. You can wear it with great ease with a complimentary blouse. But with a short pleated skirt, things are different. You cannot just wear anything with it because you should be selective about it. Now, talking about the details of a pleated skirt, there is not much data available. These skirts are short and effective. It does not matter how tall you are or how tall your legs are.

These skirts are a universal choice for anyone. Now, you can choose according to your preference. The colors play a significant role in making your look right. The majority of the models wear black skirts. You can wear black on parties or weekend outings. Also, your skirt should not have any heavy design of anything like that. Keep your skirt classy and straightforward. Now, you need to do a little research for selecting upper wear.

 Let’s take a detailed view of options for you to wear with a short pleated skirt.

● White sweatshirt

The skirts you choose should be of a dark color. Do not try to do something extra with the color selection. It would help if you did not go wrong with the color of your skirt. Now, the most important thing is your upper wear. As mentioned above, you have to be a little fussy for upper wear. We highly recommend a white hoodie or a sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts can blend with anything you wear. Therefore, sweaters are an ideal choice. You have to wear a decent bracelet in your wrist to give you’re looking an extra charm. Do not wear heavy jewelry with this look. You have to keep this look a little casual. For parties, you should wear black transparent leggings.

At last, you should cleverly select a decent pair of heels. If not heels, then black sneakers will also do the job for you. If you want to take a handbag with you, it would add that extra pop to your look. You can purchase from a wide range of skirts and other accessories from Yishion Fashion. You can select as per your liking and preferences from a wide range of collections.

● Leather jacket with a striped t-shirt

These skirts are more casual attire. You can also give it a highly stylish look. To do this, you have to add some extra clothing to your attire. But you have to make things simple. There is no need to add unnecessary scarves or other clothing, starting with a plain black skirt. The pleats style this skirt on it. You have to take care of the length. Making it short or long is up to you. We suggest you use partially transparent leggings if your skirt is too short for you. Now, do not add a heavy t-shirt with this look.

You can go with a plain white t-shirt or even a striped one. Now, you have to add clothing to make this look complete party wear. We highly recommend a brown jacket. It could be a normal one, or even a leather jacket would be a smart choice. Wear the coat effortlessly without any complications. You can wear it like an off-shoulder jacket too. To complete the look, knee boots are a decent choice. They will give this look an urban touch. Last but not least, a handbag should make your look easy and effortless.

Therefore, this is one of the most natural looks with a short skirt with pleats.

● Strapless blouse with belts

Blouses are one of the reliable choices with a short skirt with pleats. You would have seen the original series where actresses were the same attire. You can also create the same look with the help of general accessories. First of all, you need to wear the same black short skirt. Make sure that this skirt is not too short. This is because you will not wear any transparent leggings in this look. In the latter part of your preparation, you can opt for a black strapless blouse. As this is our party wear, you have to make this combination look stylish and comfortable. You can add a choker or a necklace but not too heavy.

Extra care is to be taken to select your jewelry or additional accessories. To complete this look, you have to wear jet black or brown boots. These boots should be almost close to your knees. Also, you cannot forget a classy belt on your waist. This belt gave you an outcast look for any occasion. We also highly recommend Jet black goggles with this look. To sum up, all this look is perfect party wear and a show stopper.

● Black pleated skirt with a crop top and shrug

This combination is one of the coolest in the market right now. You can carry this look as party wear, but you can also wear it as casual attire. First of all, you are required to wear a short black skirt with slits on it. Do not try to do much with your skirt because the additional accessories will do the work for you. After that, you can wear a grey-white crop top. Your crop top should be simple and classic. To give a finishing touch, you should wear a black shrug. Also, you can wear black goggles to add extra charm to your look.

We hope that this article will provide you the necessary data.

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