Most Effective Solutions in Furniture Choice According to the Parquet

 Most Effective Solutions in Furniture Choice According to the Parquet

Combining parquet and furniture is one of the fundamental aspects to create a harmonious and welcoming environment. If the wooden floor already adds elegance, charm and warmth to any room, the combination with the right furnishing elements can enhance it and enhance its characteristics. That’s why it is necessary to go beyond the fashions of the moment, rely on your personal taste and above all evaluate some aspects before proceeding with the final choice.

Among the factors to keep in mind there are undoubtedly the type of parquet, the laying pattern (pins, slats, squares), the dimensions of the environment, natural light, the color of the fixtures and walls. Each choice must therefore be considered to give life to balanced spaces, designed to give us positive sensations after having crossed the threshold, where each element does not prevail over the other, but blends perfectly with materials, shapes and colors. If it the oak furniture items then you can click here for more information.

Here are some tips on how to combine parquet and furniture:

How to match the color of the parquet and the furniture?

  • Dark parquet and white furniture
  • Parquet and dark furniture
  • Parquet with antique furniture
  • Parquet with modern furniture

Matching parquet and furniture

The parquet and furniture color combination is the aspect that is usually taken into consideration most.

The dark parquet can be matched with contrasting light furniture, not only furniture but also accessories and fabrics such as carpets, pillows and curtains, to create an elegant and exclusive atmosphere. In the case of very bright rooms, with large windows, also consider matching furniture: the final result will be really refined, but it will be necessary to play with the color of the walls and details to avoid the gloomy effect.

The white parquet is perfect with the modern and minimal style, but also with the Nordic one, extremely trendy in the last period. So go ahead for light or natural-colored furniture and accessories in pastel colors, such as pink, green, blue. The warm and relaxing atmosphere will win you over.

The gray parquet, alternatively, it is ideal for the modern taste, in particular for what industrial. Soften the rigidity of the glacial shades with combinations of different materials such as furniture in wood, iron, and glass. Better to prefer a herringbone laying pattern.

The antique wooden parquet goes well with important and antique furniture or with vintage-style furniture, both light and dark. Why not then venture with a sharp contrast created by minimal and modern furniture? The result will amaze you.

Last Words

Finally, for the natural oak parquet, you can give vent to your imagination! Extremely versatile, it adapts to any style and color. Dark furniture is for refined and chic spaces, light furniture is for comfortable and welcoming atmospheres. The combination of parquet and furniture colors therefore lends it to infinite possibilities, choosing according to your personality is still the best choice for a home capable of maintaining its charm over time. These are the essential steps that you will need to keep in mind.

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