Steps to Take When Your Child Has A Birth Injury

 Steps to Take When Your Child Has A Birth Injury

We only see images and hear stories of healthy children. However, there are many children who are born with birth defects or injuries. These abnormalities of structure, function, or chemical composition require medical attention or multiple surgeries that could have an effect on your child’s development.

Variety of Birth Defects

There is a wide variety of birth defects, ranging from mild to severe, and which can be inherited or arise as a consequence of the environment. In many cases the causes are unknown. Doctors can find birth defects in tests done during pregnancy. If you have just learned that your child has a birth defect, he is probably emotionally upset. In this situation, parents like you are overwhelmed with the news and do not know how to properly care for the child.

Steps to Follow

Fortunately, you are not alone – you will have many people and sources of information at your disposal. As the parent of a child with birth defects, it is important that you: 

Acknowledge what you feel. Parents of children with birth defects feel that they have been shaken, tend to deny the news, feel sad, and even angry. Be aware of your feelings and allow yourself to mourn the loss of the healthy child you thought you had. Talk about your feelings with your spouse or partner and with other family members. You should also consider consulting with a therapist. Your doctor may recommend a social worker or psychologist close to where you live.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your child is to seek help. Being in contact with someone who has been through the same situation can help you. Ask your doctor or social worker if there are other parents in the area who have children with the same condition. You may also benefit from joining a support group – ask your doctors or specialists for advice on where to find local or national support groups or do an electronic search.

Seek financial assistance. If you are having problems with your finances as a result of your child’s birth injury, there are ways and places where you can seek help. For one, you can ask family members to chip in. You can also consult your doctors about organizations that offer help for the specific illness of your child. You could also try to raise funds on your own. 

Enjoy your child. Remember that you can enjoy your child in the same way that any other parent does – hugging or playing with him, watching the passage of developmental stages (even if they are different from those of children born without birth defects ), and share happiness with your family members and friends. Many parents of children with birth defects wonder whether they should send cards announcing the birth. This is a personal decision. Just because your child was born with a health problem does not mean that you are not happy about the arrival of a new family member.

File a lawsuit. Find the lawsuit tips that will help you get compensated for all the emotional stress that you have to undergo in caring for your child. You never know how an attorney can help you if you don’t seek help through a consultation.

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