Why Music Classes are Better than Solo Lessons?

 Why Music Classes are Better than Solo Lessons?

Thinking about learning to play music or enrolling your child into music classes is an excellent idea. Your kids can have fun and they will also learn a skill. Plus, learning music is therapeutic, boosts self-esteem and also improves IQ. There can also be other benefits, but it depends on the kind of instruction they get. This means choosing to enroll them in classes with other students or signing up for solo lessons. The latter might seem like a good idea because individual attention is given, but the former can prove to be a much better option in the long run.

Why? First off, music has always been meant to be played as a group. Yes, there are solo masterpieces that exist, but even the most renowned composers like Mozart and Beethoven, wrote music that was meant to be played in ensembles. Luckily, there are numerous music centers that can be found nowadays, such as City London Centre of Music, where you can easily enroll in group lessons. Another great reason to consider this option is that you can learn more when you are with others.

Obviously, you will learn the fundamentals and abilities, like technique, note reading and rhythm, but group music classes offer so much more. You can learn when to provide support and when to lead. Plus, the healthy competition can also provide some motivation to the students to do better and learn faster. However, the most notable advantage of opting for group lessons is that it can go a long way in reducing performance anxiety. It is a problem that many people face and would rather avoid and they can do so through group lessons.

It can help in building confidence and you become accustomed to performing in front of an audience as well as under pressure.

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