What are the highlights of Bluetooth Earphones

 What are the highlights of Bluetooth Earphones

The popularity rate of Bluetooth earphones is getting higher. They are becoming more professional. Sports Bluetooth Earphones have been liked by many users. HONOR xSport AM61 is one of them.

On the internal structural packaging, HONOR’s Bluetooth earphone has done a good job. Both the earphone and the earphone storage bag have their positions. They are well fixed. The earphone with red color is equipped with red earphone line.

The storage bag is of good workmanship. It is an oval box with brand logo engraved on the front.

There are some accessories in the earphone bag. It includes a charging line and two sets of earphone covers. The medium earphone covers are covered on the earphones. The storage box contains large earmuffs and small earmuffs.

The earphone unit adopts a 11mm moving coil unit. The in-ear design part adopts a shallow in-ear design. It can ensure wearing comfort. It has certain sound insulation effect.

The two units adopt magnetic attraction. This is convenient to store. It can be used as hanging up the phone and suspending music. This is convenient.

In the control key and power supply part, it makes a separate design. That is, part of the battery and part of the controller. The size and volume of the two parts are close. The distance with the unit is the same. When wearing, it can ensure the balance between the two ends.

The control unit is equipped with volume addition and subtraction and answering keys. Long press volume addition and subtraction to switch when playing songs.

The earmuff of the earphone unit is made of silicone. It is inclined into the ear. Shark fins are added to ensure good stability when wearing. This design does not cause headphones to fall out during exercise.

HONOR AM61 has IPX5 waterproof and sweat-proof design, and sweat from long-term exercise can ensure that it will not affect Bluetooth earphones.

The unit weighs only 5g on one side. It is very light.

In terms of endurance, continuous music playing is measured for more than 8 hours. The standby time is about 10 days. The overall endurance is good.

The auricle part is designed with shark fins. It can ensure that strenuous exercise will not fall off. With Bluetooth version 4.1, the stability and transmission distance have good performance. Judging from these parameters, it is a good Sports Bluetooth Earphone.

The sound quality is good. The overall sound is of medium and low frequency to the public taste.

The price of this earphone is 79.99. Among Bluetooth earphones of the same price, its expressive force is surprising.

XSport is a good Bluetooth sports earphone. It is favorable in price and powerful in portability. When worn, it is firm and comfortable without any burden. Endurance is excellent. The waterproof of IPX5 can protect the earphone from sweat erosion during exercise. We can wash it by water flow after exercise. It is sanitary and suitable for wearing and using during exercise. It is worthy of consumers’ attention.

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