How mens club have changed

 How mens club have changed

Mens clubs have been around for at least a century. They were born out of a need for men to have a place where they can go to away from work and wives. They became a refuge for men who needed to de-stress or put a pause on their regular lives and a place whey   they could meet other men. They weren’t necessarily about strippers but more of a place where they could simply relax with a drink and be entertained. Strippers were a progression of the go-go dancers of the 19th century. Some clubs incorporated strippers and others did not which is why there are two distinctly different types of men’s clubs.

Nowadays when someone says they are going to a mens club they could be going to one of those places where women are strictly forbidden and entry is reserved for members only. Things tend to be more formal in those kinds of clubs. They may have exotic dancers as entertainment but naked women aren’t the main attraction that they are in regular strip clubs.

If you come across a strip club or a mens club advertising lap dances that are “corona-free,” don’t be surprised. It is just the signs of the time we are living in.

People aren’t so sure about lap dances in this age of Covid 19 but they shouldn’t be. Pop into any strip or mens club in Melbourne you”ll find each performer wearing a  mask. You are not the only person who wondered about masks and how dancers can use them to their advantage in a dance routine. Lap dances aren’t usually meant to be too close. The stripper teases you either by seemingly grinding without actually coming into physical contact. Masks should be on for both the customer and the dancer.

During this pandemic and subsequent lockdown, places where people congregate to exercise, to eat, to drink, dance and even pray could not operate and now they do. The set up in most Clubs might be altered and you will find a couple of hand sanitizers placed all over the club.

In addition to sanitised surfaces and hands, clubs will also do temperature checks. They will post these guideline on boards at the entrance and inside the club.  

Tables will be 2 metres apart and there might be markings on the floor to help you see how far you should be from another person.

Everyone has to have a mask on all the time. It should cover the mouth and nose. It can only be taken off when you eat or drink.

You’ll be offered water in a bottle instead of a lass of Inspectors have been employed by the government to ensure that the rules are being followed. They will also check the PPE and adherence or compliance of the customers.

The rules of men’s clubs might have change and the expectations might have changed too. Instead of protecting the dancers only, men’s clubs also have an obligation towards the customers too by making sure that health and safety concerns are laid to rest. Should a club be found in violation of the health and safety rules, it would be closed and/ or fined for endangering customers.

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