When Should You Use 301 Redirects, and How to Do It Correctly?

 When Should You Use 301 Redirects, and How to Do It Correctly?

301 redirects are an important aspect of SEO and Website management. It is important for you to know that it can be both, beneficial and risky for a website. It can help you solve issues related to broken links, but it can also produce redirect loops that can adversely impact the indexability of your website.

To prevent any damage to the SEO of your website, it is important to learn to use it in the right way. In this article, we will tell you the right scenarios to use 301 redirects to avoid mistakes that can lower your site rankings.

WP 301 Redirects plugin will help you prevent the pages on your WordPress blogs or sites from displaying 404 errors. In this way, your website users won’t see a disturbing dead-end. It will take them to a page they were looking for. This plugin is easy to setup and is a effective tool that will automatically create a redirect rule, when it detects an alteration in the links of one of your web pages or posts. This plugin also guards your website against harmful bots that tries to reduce the speed of your website.

After You Develop the Website

You need to use 301 redirects, when you are making a new website. Redirect all the website domains to the favored version. Every version of your website must implement a one-step process to “301 redirects” to the chosen version.

When you migrate your website to HTTPS

Many websites still operate on HTTP connections. They have not yet migrated to HTTPS (secure HTTP version) of the website. If you own a website that deals with personal information, you should migrate it from HTTP to HTTPS. You should be careful while performing a 301 redirect in this case.

When You Have Broken Links or Pages

Constantly watch out for broken links or web pages, as they are 404 pages. Also deal with all those external links that point from outside towards your website site and results in 404 errors.

When Deleting Content Is No Longer Useful

In this case, you would want the resource to generate a 404. This scenario is applicable in cases when you do not wish to redirect negative equity to any of your good webpages.

Modifying URLs for Any Reason

Another scenario when you need to use a 301 redirect is when you are modifying the link of a specific resource. Popular CMS like WordPress will automatically change the URL of a page from an old URL to the new URL. In this way, users do not face any difficulties while accessing the link.


Learning the right use of 301 redirects is important to deal with broken links, without harming your SEO rankings. It is important to avoid the creation of redirect loops. You will need to redirect to the most appropriate webpage, and fix broken links and pages as soon as possible

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